Introducing the most advanced, scientific, medical-grade system for mattress pressure mapping.

This service is free but booking is required. Not available for people heavier than 90kg.

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1. On average 45%-75% of what you pay for a mattress at a shop is unrelated to the quality of the mattress; it is just to cover the shop's costs. We sell our mattresses at the factory to reduce costs.

2. In this industry, 300%-800% markup is just normal. If you compare material inside of mattresses, you will find out that a $4000, $6000, $8000, or even a $10000 mattress is actually a $1000-$1500 one with a very tiny change. Watch Video

3. Most mattresses on the market contain polyester, a toxic component that makes your mattress hot and increases the risk of many diseases such as asthma. Our mattresses are POLYESTER FREE. Watch Video

4. Fake huge discount techniques or other similar ridiculous offers are designed to distract you from what you really should know. They are not big bargains but big tricks.

5. A solid long-lasting mattress made out of quality and high-density foam with proper side supports CANNOT be rolled up. What can be rolled up is a mattress made with either one or a combination of low/medium density foam and weak spring unit with almost no or very poor side support.

6. Using a thin layer (5-15 mm) of expensive components such as Memory foam, Gel foam or Latex is a very common practice in the industry to give mattresses a fancy name and sell them for much higher prices.  Almost no mattress company talks about the thickness of these fancy and expensive layers. Watch Video

7. We strictly use only the very best Australian Material to make premium quality mattresses.

8. We do not have a “100-night comfort guarantee” because, with these types of guarantees, returned mattresses aren't thrown away but are rebagged and resold. It means many customers actually receive a mattress that has been used by others before. (Rolled-up ones are usually given to charities because they are imported products and worth $100-$200 in the first place). For those who want to try a mattress before purchase, we have a solution that might work for them. Click Here

9. We promote quality by educating customers about what goes inside the mattresses, teaching them how to compare mattresses, what questions are asked, what to look for wherever doing mattress shopping.

For the first time in Australia Sample Mattress Lend Stream.



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