What is this system?

When a person lies on a mattress, the system captures data from a series of sensor points arrayed over the mattress surface. These data are processed using a powerful software program that generates colorized pressure maps and detailed statistical reports.

This system is a matrix-based, tactile surface sensor that works by the principle of piezoresistance. Tiny sensing cells cover the entire surface area of the sensor skin, allowing for discrete spot pressure analysis at any point in the contact region. This system is used to measure pressure distribution and magnitude between the customer and mattress surface. This system is used in advanced hospitals and clinics to prevent pressure sores.

In manufacturing process, we use this system to design our products for maximum comfort and support. In retail, we use this system to help customers select mattresses appropriate to their body types and weights. Customers are engaged in this short but powerful scientific journey. They are able to see their pressure profile while trying different mattresses.

As the result:

Consumers are able to purchase a truly well fitted mattress.

Customers have the assurance of a scientifically validated mattress decision by progressive use of high technology, science and exactitude.