Purchase Tips:

Purchase Tips:

  • All mattresses become softer over time. This process is unavoidable & cannot be stopped. So it is recommended to choose the firmest mattress you can stand. This way, you would like your mattress for a longer period of time. 

  • Avoid buying a mattress on extremely cold/warm days.

  • Do not buy a mattress alone if there are two people sleeping on the mattress. Come with your partner and make a decision together.

  • Never buy a mattress when you are in a rush. Most customers spend around 45-90 minutes when visiting our showroom.

  • Make sure you are not getting distracted when trying and choosing a mattress. The top distractions include: Uncooperative children, unsettled babies, unsettled dogs, pets left alone in the car or at the door, and car parking issues.

  • It is highly recommended not to buy a mattress for your teenager without their presence. They are more likely not to like your choice. Bring them along and get them involved in choosing.

  • Each material (Polyurethane/Gel/Memory Foam and latex) has advantages and disadvantages. Do a little bit of research to get to know them instead of just relying on the seller’s information.

  • Do not be fooled by the appearance of mattresses or their fancy names. They are purposely there to distract you from what you need to be focusing on “MATERIAL INSIDE”.

  • No mattress is worth more than $2200. Yes, that's correct! A maximum of $2200 – and it is when the very best possible materials are used.

  • Do not expect your brand-new mattress to feel like your old one. Let your body adjust to the new mattress which could take up to 4-6 months.

The Do's:


  • During the first 6 months spin your mattress every 4 weeks. After that do it twice a year.

  • It is crucial to use the entire surface of mattresses evenly. If it is not done, the middle section may look and feel different. It is for sure no sign of a faulty mattress but mattress not being used properly. This is more likely to happen when the mattress:

       has a pocket spring unit

       is soft

       is larger than a double size

       is topped with a softish material like wool

  • Make sure your mattress is fully supported by a solid flat foundation.

  • Use a proper mattress protector at all time.

  • Strip your bed whenever you go on vacation to air it out. 

The Don'ts:

  • Don't let children jump on the bed.

  • Never use box springs bases.

  • Never try to remove a stain only for aesthetic reasons; it is likely to get worse.

  • Don't use dry-cleaning fluid of any type to clean your mattress.

  • Don't allow your mattress to get wet.

  • Don't sit on the edge of a mattress (if your mattress does not have edge support, all our mattresses have edge support)


Please avoid placing your mattress near open flames or expose it to fire. Your mattress is not flameproof or fireproof and can singe or burn if exposed to open flame or heat. When ignited, some bedding materials can burn rapidly and emit smoke and hazardous gases. 

In order to reduce the risk of fire:

  • DON’T smoke in bed. This is a common cause of fatal fires.

  • DO keep matches and lighters away from children.

  • DON’T use candles on or around your bed.

  • DO keep heaters away from your bed or other flammable items. Follow all manufacturer’s instructions and heed warnings.

  • DON’T run electrical cords under your bed or trap them against a wall. Avoid placing lamps where they can fall on the bed.


Your Beds Comfort:

At the beginning, your new mattress feels different to the one you have been sleeping on, and sometimes your body will tell you so by feeling not very comfortable in the bed. But don’t worry; your body will soon adjust to the benefits of the extra comfort and support your new mattress provides, while your mattress also adjusts to your sleeping style. This may take up to 4 months.

Developing a Body Signature:

Your mattress will develop over time and start to mould to your body shape. This is intentional, and is designed to increase comfort levels. For the best results, rotate your mattress every 4 weeks for the first 6 months after that do it twice a year. These impressions are normal and should not be considered a sign that something is wrong with your new mattress.

Normal levels of Body Contouring:

depending on the mattress type, firmness level and the user, body impressions could be between 10-50 mm.  

controlling the temperature of your sleep:

Luxury mattresses may contain Latex, Visco Elastic (Memory foam), Gel, Wool or Silk fibres that allow your body to sink in to the upper most layers of the mattress. As a result, more of the mattress is in contact with your body which may feel warmer to sleep on. This is less obvious on a firmer mattress or mattresses with less comfort layers. We recommend considering this factor when deciding on the firmness of your new mattress but also bear in mind that the main factor affecting your temperature at night is your choice of bed covers (sheets, doona, blankets etc).