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Rolled up vs flat mattresses

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

A Heads up before we get in that.

Even though rolled up mattresses are advertised and sold under Australian brands and companies, the vast majority of them are actually made overseas and imported to Australia. So they are NOT Australian made products. Now let's talk about mattresses and differences. Not all mattresses can be rolled up. In order to make a rollable mattress, specific materials and structures are required, that we are going to talk about them one by one. Memory foam: Almost all roll up mattresses have a thick layer of memory foam. This is because memory foams are extremely squishable and make the mattress easy to roll up. But what is wrong with that? Memory foam is well known for being one of the worst materials with regards to retaining body heat, often leading to overheating. You are more likely to find yourself sweating and uncomfortable in the middle of the night even if you are not usually a hot sleeper. Pocket spring: If the roll up mattress has a pocket spring unit, the thickness of the springs should be thinner than usual to allow for the mattress to roll up. These thinner spring units equate to a shorter mattress lifespan, along with premature mattress sagging. Foams: Foams used in roll up mattresses should be either low to medium density, simply because a genuine high-density foam cannot be rolled up. Even if high-density foam is used, The process of compression followed by rolling, ruins the structure of the high-density foam and essentially makes it equal to lower or medium density foam which, again shortens the lifespan of the mattress. Edge support, A solid edge support system will not allow for a mattress to be rolled. For this reason, roll up mattresses either have very little to no side support. The lack of proper side support means you risk rolling out of the bed if you move too close to the edge during sleep. To put it into perspective, if you are sleeping on a queen size mattress, poor side support will only allow you the sleeping space of a double sized mattress. Egg crate foam Egg crate foam is a material that is commonly used for rollable mattresses. The use of this foam has two advantages;

First, this type of foam cut makes one piece of foam to two pieces with little change to the perceived thickness of the foam. This practice allows for the original foam layer which was to be used for one mattress, to now be used to make two mattresses. Cutting the foam like this leaves lots of empty spaces along the foam. And guess who is paying for these empty spaces in the mattress? You guessed right, Customers.

The second reason is because these empty spaces allow for the foam layer to roll into itself easily.


Roll up mattresses are bagged and sealed once they are made, which means they may not receive enough time to air dry properly. They are kept in these plastic bags for an extended period of time, starting at their country of origin, during transit to Australia and also while in storage before being sold and delivered to customers. Being in a sealed plastic bag for such a long time increases the chances of germ build up and mold growth.

In contrast to this, a quality Australian made flat mattress, like what we make here at Mattress Island, is not limited to being made solely from memory foam. There is a wide range of materials available for use in our mattress manufacturing, such as natural latex or Australian wool as more natural and healthier alternatives.

The gauge of springs used in our mattresses is also high enough to ensure the mattress keeps its quality for years to come.

Australian Foams that come from local Aussie suppliers, meet Australian standards and have a purified anti-microbial license. This ensures that our mattresses have an effective guard against a variety of microbes including bacteria, yeast and mold fungi.

The most effective and solid edge support system is provided to make sure customers can use the entire surface of their mattress, from edge to edge, without the fear of falling off.

Our mattresses are given enough time to perfectly air dry and are delivered within only a few days from when they are made, which means there is no chance for bacteria to build up prior to use.

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