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Mattress Getting Hot?

are you a hot sleeper and find yourself waking up in the middle of the night sweating? researchers have found three out of ten people have some kind of sleeping difficulties caused by the heat. But why is that? and what it the solution? what is happening is that all mattresses get hard especially in warmer seasons it is simply because mattresses are in contact with our body which is a source of heat and unlike a fringe or air conditioner there is no mechanism inside the mattress to get rid of the heat so it remains and the mattress. However your choice of mattress can improve the situation. Here are five tips for choosing a mattress that will give you a cooler night sleep:

#1 Softness and firmness of the mattress: When your mattress is soft you sink more resulting in less air circulating around your body compared with a firm mattress where your body remains on top and there is air circulating all around you.

#2: Mattress type: Foam based mattresses suffer from lack of air flow channels. A full block of foam works as a barrier and it traps heat. In contrast gaps between the springs in spring base mattresses allow the heat to work its way out.

#3: Material of the Mattress: if you're a hot sleeper stay away from memory foams as it's notorious for trapping heat. Most suitable options for you could be materials such as thick latex or wool.

#4: Being Polyester Free: Most mattresses on the market have plenty of polyester in the quilted top player. Polyester gives a bumpy look to the mattress giving the illusion of cosiness to customers. If you are a hot sleeper the last thing you want to sleep on ia polyester. That's because polyester is a one hundred percent artificial material which traps heat. That's why here at Mattress Island our mattresses look flat meaning there is no polyester used in quilting ensuring our mattresses breath perfectly.

#5: Finally the mattress top Fabric: Mattress top fabric plays a vital role as it is the closest layer to your body. What you don't want is a fabric made with synthetic material instead seek Australian made and natural fabrics such as bamboo, organic cotton or natural wool.

Just bear in mind that apart from your mattress there are many factors that could make you feel hot while you are sleeping. Room temperature and humidity, bedding and sleeping wear, pre-sleep activities, who sleeps with you, medications, hormones, illness, stress, interruption of normal routines, you particular sleeping pattern, metabolic rate, mood change and anxiety are just some of them.

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