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Pocket spring or foam mattress?

Is this something that you need to think or care about?

if the quality of your sleep is important to you, then yes, you certainly should.

How far different parts of your body sink into a mattress is crucial.

A foam based mattress is just not able to support the different body zones asone pockets. Spring mattress, however, retracts according to the curve of the human body. This allows for a straight posture, letting the body's muscles fully relax, relieving pressure and creating a good sleeping environment.

Temperature and ventilation plays a vital role in sleep.

Adequate ventilation allows air to move through your mattress and enables for a more regulated temperature that is better and healthier for you to sleep on. A thick layer of foam in a foam based mattress acts as a barrier, causing all of your heat and sweat to remain next to your body. The open structure of a pocket spring mattress allows air to circulate more freely and help you enjoy a cooler, more comfortable and undisturbed sleep.

Last but not least, side support. Anyone who was laid on the edge of a foam mattress has found that it sags towards the floor because foam mattresses are missing edge support. The lack of edge support means higher risks of rolling or falling off of the mattress. Here at Mattress Island, we have the most effective and solid air support system for our pockets. Bring mattresses. It provides a solid and long lasting air support and lets you use the entire surface of the mattress edge to edge.

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