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What is a polyester free mattress?

It is better for you to have a polyester free mattress. Polyester is used to trap heat in. it's used in things like blankets and piping insulation.

If polyester is in your mattress, your mattress can't breathe properly, making it hot and sticky at night. Researchers have also linked polyester in mattresses to breathing problems such as asthma in children.

So why is it used in the industry?

Polyester is a super cheap material and it's used to make your mattress look thicker and give it a cozy look.

So how do you spot one?

It's really easy. What you need to look for is the size of the bombs on the mattress. Look at the gap between the quilting stitches and the highest point of the mattress.

When it is puffed up it is a good sign of the existence of polyester. That is what polyester does. It makes the mattress bumpy.

In contrast of that, our mattresses here at Mattress Island are almost flat with no bumps, meaning no polyester. The mattress breathes perfectly, meaning it won't get hot at night.

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