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How to pick the right adjustable bed?

When buying an adjustable bed, you don't really want a good one, but the best possible one.

I'm not going to tell you about the advantages of adjustable beds. You can find this information online. Instead, I'm going to tell you about important features you should look for when buying your adjustable bed. Things that you cannot find on the Internet, things that you may discover soon after buying your bed and decisions that you may regret later on.

Most adjustable beds, including ours, have some useless features, such as lights, massage functions and USB ports. What you need to consider other more important and practical functions, such as having a cordless remote or having an attachable headboard that will give you a better nice look.

The other thing to consider is the motor. Here at Mattress Island, we use a high quality German brand with a two hundred and seventy kilogram capacity. This brand of motor has a very long lifespan and makes almost no noise or vibrations when being used.

When it comes to bed size, anything from a single to a king is fine. The only thing to avoid is a split queen. If you want to split bed, you must go with a king bed. A split queen doesn't work purely because as each individual mattress is only as wide as a cot mattress, it's just not wide enough for an adult to sleep on.

Now to the most important thing, the mattress. There are two main mattress options available, either with spring or without spring.

Mattresses with springs include the pocket spring or traditional spring. These are extremely popular and durable mattresses, but are the worst as adjustable beds as they are not designed to bend. The inferior bending of the spring units completely ruins the function of the mattress.

The second mattress option is without springs and includes mattresses made from high density foam. memory foam, gel foam and pure block of latex.

These are perfect as adjustable beds as they bend properly and with the bed. However, something to consider is the thickness of the mattress. If the mattress is too thick, you'll have big useless curbs rather than a nice sharp angles you want from your adjustable bed.

These sharp angles are great as they curve to your spine and help promote good circulation. However, there is one disadvantage as these mattresses are not as thick as regular mattresses, they do tend to break sooner, especially at the bending points. So what is the solution?

Here at Mattress Island, we will come to your home and replace your mattress with a brand new one every three to five years for the life of your warranty.

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