Pocket Spring Series 5 (Pocket spring+micro pocket spring)

Pocket Spring Series 5 (Pocket spring+micro pocket spring)

Pocket spring Series 5 (Pocket spring+micro pocket spring)

One of the most supportive mattresses available in Australia.

Extra life span dure to the second pocket spring unit.

Combination of 2 separate pocket spring units. 

1360 springs more than any other type of mattress (Queen size).

Approximately 36cm thickness.

Four foam layers for additional support.

Firm boxed structure (most effective side support system).

Firmer spring zones for more back support.

Polyester free (a very common and toxic component in the industry).

Purify anti-microbial license. 

Australian made from Australian Materials.

Detailed quilted knit cover for breathability.

Allergen and dust mite resistant.

10 years warranty.

  • Mattress Features & Benefits

    Innovative and unique design, a combination of 2 sets of pocket spring units for a great back support that cannot be seen in any other type of orthopaedic mattresses.

    Immediately gives out a strong sense of class and luxury

    Absorb body weight evenly. The Contour 3 zoned pocket spring system feels solid and responsive

    Excellent spinal support in all body positions.

    Pressure relief by wrapping around your shape whilst allowing body heat to dissipate through the mattress.

    Perfect body alignment and support, alleviating body aches and pains.

    Designed to Contour to your Body Shape.

    This mattress is heavier than regular mattresses.