Gel foam Series 4 (pocket spring+gel foam)

Gel foam Series 4 (pocket spring+gel foam)

Gel foam Series 4 built with Dunlop gel foam (the best gel foam available).

Built on a 3 zone premium pocket spring. 

A generous 50 mm layer of Dunlop Gel foam (4 times thicker than the benchmark).

Three layers of high-density foam.

Boxed structure (most effective side support system).

Australian made, from Australian materials.

Polyester free (a very common and toxic component in the industry).

Purify anti-microbial licence. 

Thickness approximately 31cm.

Allergen and dust mite resistant.

10 years warranty.

  • Mattress Features & Benefits

    Sensitive to body temperature and moulds itself to support all your body contours.

    Support each part of the body by evenly distributing your weight across the surface of the bed.

    Form to the natural curves of your body, which will aid in supporting the lower back.

    Help to relieve and prevent pain by providing comprehensive support to the body and unique pressure point relief especially for back, hips, and shoulders.

    Accommodate a Variety of Sleeping Positions