Have you ever tried a gel foam mattress and not known whether it works for you? Ditto for a latex mattress? Does a pocket spring mattress really help you sleep better? What level of firmness is just right for you? And what about your partner? Have you got these questions and more? We understand!  Mattresses are not cheap so when you buy one you want it to be right.  Don’t worry, and don’t take the risk, we can lend you our sample mattresses for no extra charge. Try them at home and then finalize your purchase.


Laying down on a mattress for a couple of minutes at the showroom is not the most accurate way to buy a mattress. Some people prefer to try a mattress at their house, based on their room temperature, sleeping habits, and over 8 hours of night sleep.


A 100-night trial period is a common practice in the industry to cope with the problem. It might look like the best possible solution but at Mattress Island we are strictly opposed to it and we believe it is not in favour of customers but only sellers. Why? because with these types of guarantees, returned mattresses aren't thrown away but they are rebagged and resold.  It means many customers actually receive a mattress that has been used by others before. If you are told that returned mattresses will be donated to charities, it could happen if the mattress is an imported one and is worth way cheaper than a sale price like most rolled-up mattresses.


For the first time in Australia, we have introduced “Mattress Lend Stream”.
This stream is designed for buyers who are happy with our quality and prices and have decided to purchase a mattress from us but are not too sure which one is the most suitable for them. Instead of choosing a mattress at the showroom, which is an inaccurate way to purchase a mattress for some customers, you can choose up to 3 different sample mattresses (one at a time) to be borrowed and be taken to their house. It's a great opportunity for you to try our mattresses under realistic conditions based on your room temperature, your sleeping habits, your bed frame/base type, over 8 hours sleep time, and other variables that only happen at your home. Your trial is not limited to just a couple of minutes but up to two weeks. Then customers finalize their purchase by ordering the one which was most suitable. The new mattress and the sample one will be swapped at the same time.

Terms and conditions:

This option is available for most mattresses valued over $950.

All 3 sample mattresses should be in the same or close price range. (20% price variation)

Customers must use a mattress protector on all borrowed mattresses and keep them clean. (You can use your own one. Do not need to necessarily buy one from us)

Customers are required to pay the delivery costs for all samples.

Each mattress may be borrowed for up to 14 days unless we need more time to organize the next requested sample to be delivered.

Of the three chosen sample mattresses customers are required to pay for the most expensive one upfront. If the one you end up with is a cheaper one, we refund the difference. 

Cancellations of orders and/or purchases are strictly prohibited under this stream.

Samples are available only in queen size (However, your order will be made in the size of your choice).

Customers are required to be contactable by email or phone during the trial period.

If a suitable delivery or swap time cannot be arranged, customers must accept delivery or swaps on Saturdays between 12 and 5 pm.

All correspondence during the testing period should be done via email to Any other methods of communication (phone call, SMS, etc.) are not acceptable.

Customers who have purchased their mattress through the regular stream cannot switch to this stream afterward. The phrase “mattress lend stream” should be printed on your receipt to be eligible.

It is the customer's responsibility to keep inform us by the end of each 14-day trial period how they would like to proceed. If, after a 14-day trial period, we do not hear from the customer through our official email address, then there will be a 5% fee of the mattress value applied for every week delayed.