Long Single Mattress Latex Series 4 (pocket spring+latex)

Long Single Mattress Latex Series 4 (pocket spring+latex)

Long Single Mattress Latex Series 4 built with 100% natural latex. 

Built on a 3 zone premium pocket spring unit.

A generous 50mm layer of high density premium quality latex. (4 times thicker than the benchmark)

Quality of latex: 100% natural, Global Organic Standard, LGA Certificate, Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX Class-1 Category, toxic-free.

Three layers of high-density Australian foam.

Boxed structure (most effective side support system).

No motion transfer.

Polyester free (a very common and toxic component in the industry).

Purify anti-microbial license.

Thickness of mattress approximately 31 cm.

Allergen and dust mite resistant.

10 years warranty.

  • Mattress Features & Benefits

    Gently conforms to your body for a personalized fit by using our exclusive, individually-wrapped 3-Zone coil spring system

    Reduces tossing and turning at night by allowing each coil to move independently and relieve pressure points

    Your partner's movements will leave you undisturbed and sleeping soundly because our exclusive spring units do not transfer motion

    The foam-encased design provides a supportive, firmer edge that allows you to sleep all the way to the edge of the bed without feeling like you will roll off. It increases the sleeping surface and reduces vibrations.

    Maintains a cool, balanced temperature throughout the night, allowing muscles to breathe and heal

    Minimizes pressure points to reduce pain and tossing and turning by combining layers of our Eco-friendly plant-based cushioning foam over our spring system