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Tips to buy a good mattress.

If you want to get the right mattress at the right price, you need to focus on what exactly goes inside a mattress.

I know not everyone's interested in the details, but if you bother yourself and do your research, you can very easily save hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Do not forget that there's no Australian standard specifying how mattresses should be made, advertised or sold.

Very minor changes to the mattress and not talking precisely what goes inside a mattress, but instead being quite vague and general with the information given, playing with the appearance of mattress and giving it a fancy name, using different fabrics and labels in pretty much the same mattress to make it look different.

Fake huge discounts, which is a particularly common thing in the industry. These are all just some of the tools used to sell a mattress for several times higher than it's actually worth.

Here at Mattress Island, We don't like all that stuff. We just talk about quality material, what goes inside of mattresses and the actual value of the mattress.

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