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What is the difference between standard, euro top and pilloe top mattresses?

One of the most common mistakes that people make when buying a mattress is to care too much about the appearance rather than the materials inside the mattress.

Usually when you see a mattress having two sections, like a pillow top or euro top mattress, you think of the mattress has something extra or an additional section to it. You would be willing to pay hundreds, in some cases thousands more.

But appearance isn't important. These are just different ways of closing up the mattress and pretty much unrelated to the quality and structure of the it. Euro top. Pillow top, and standard mattresses look completely different, but they are intentionally made this way. Any mattress could be made to look like a pillow top or euro top mattress and vice versa (any pillow top/euro top mattress could be made to look like a standard mattress).

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