Mattress Academy

Making an Informed Decision Is Your Right

At Mattress Island we believe that your trust should be earned and valued. When you visit, we’ll take you on a short factory tour where you can see and touch different types of mattress making materials from low end to the high end. We’ll show you how we make a premium quality mattress from the best Aussie material and you’re even invited to inspect the mattress before it is closed up when you can see inside the mattress.

Does lying on a mattress help to purchase a good mattress?

The action of lying on a mattress is the simplest, yet, most inaccurate way to choose a mattress. The inaccuracy occurs because even a cheap mattress has the ability to make one feel comfortable for a short time. However, the differences between a top-quality mattress and a cheap one emerge shortly after. The cheap mattress will soon begin to lose its quality, shape, and firmness while the high-quality mattress will keep its quality for years and years.
In another word, the average time spent by customers at a showroom to choose a mattress is 25 minutes. Even cheap mattresses have the ability to look nice and feel comfortable for 25 minutes and even for months - but they definitely won’t last for years.
In addition, it is very difficult to figure out what kind of function a mattress has during an 8-hour sleep by just laying down on it for just a couple of minutes.

Common and incorrect methods of assessing a mattress

Customers often assess mattress quality by pushing, pressing and squeezing them. These tests are relatively inaccurate ways to determine the quality of a mattress, as even the cheapest mattresses can look and feel the same as top quality mattresses when they are new.

The best way make an informed decision

Our best suggestion is to educate the consumer.  The first step is to know the different components of mattresses, their functions, reasons behind their design as well as advantages and disadvantages.  This will help you to know what mattress you actually need. The second step is making sure only top-quality materials are used for the chosen mattress. In these ways, you can choose your mattress based on something more reliable than just laying on a mattress for a short time. We also offer our exclusive Mattress Lend Stream to make sure customers are picking the best possible mattress.

The main difference between a low and premium quality mattress

The most important quality of any mattress is its longevity, meaning the length of time taken for materials its made with to wear out.

The importance of genuine high-density foam

The best way to achieve mattress longevity is to use high density foam as it has a strong cell structure meaning greater durability. Every time you sleep on a mattress you break some cells inside the foam. A high-density foam contains more cells than regular foam giving it increased strength and allowing it to last longer.
Surprisingly, the use of high density foam is unrelated to whether a mattress is soft or firm which means you will find firm mattresses made of low density foam.

Should I go with a foam, regular spring or a pocket spring mattress?

It is a very general question. The answer depends on many factors such as your: budget, needs, mattress size, age, weight etc.

Shall I purchase a rolled-up mattress?

We believe a genuine high-density foam can’t be bent or rolled. We’re not fans of low-density mattresses and we consider these types of mattresses suitable for temporary use only.

The advantages of buying factory direct

The major advantage of this type of purchasing is reduced prices, given the absence of additional costs for transporting, warehouse handling, additional packaging, retail display and marketing. Direct buying from the vendor also reduces costs through employing less staff members compared to retail outlets.  Elimination of these unnecessary costs means buyers can save hundreds of dollars on each purchase. Please be assured that cheaper prices don’t mean cheaper quality.  We invite you to visit our showroom to see the quality for yourself.

How much is a queen size memory foam mattress? How much is a latex or gel foam one?

With simplicity, the options of a queen memory-foam, latex, or gel-foam mattress could cost as little as $285 or as expensive as $4,000. In fact, they both are officially and correctly called memory/latex/gel mattresses. However, the difference is in the quality of the components used in each mattress. Quality is formed by the strength of the springs inside, the overall density, the grade and the thickness of the foam and how all pieces stitch and hold together. At Mattress Island, during a factory tour, we show and explain all these differences without any commitment nor pressure to purchase.

Advantage of 100% natural latex mattresses

Latex is a natural material which is derived from rubber trees and is extracted in liquid form. It's then processed into an incredibly durable mattress comfort layer. Latex will hold it's shape and is the most resilient of all mattress comfort layers. The biggest bonus is that it's natural, which means its anti microbial and anti fungal, which is great for people with allergies. Latex will help ensure a healthy and peaceful night's sleep.

Pocket spring mattresses

Pocket springs are individually wrapped coils which move independently. The springs will only move if contacted directly. The benefits of this are:

  • Springs will contour to your body shape

  • Distinct weight differences in a couple won't affect each other's sleep

  • Springs are not connected to each other so they tend not to sag because they act independently of one another 

  • Sleeping disruptions will be kept to a minimum even if a couple has different sleeping hours or one/both of them toss and turn

Memory foam mattresses: advantages and a big disadvantage

A great feature of memory foam is that it is helpful in terms of relieving the pain on pressure spots. If you have arthritis or joint pain then these beds might be able to help. It cushions you and will reduce any impact you might otherwise encounter.

When using a memory foam mattress it is less likely that you will be able to feel your partner moving. There is a reduced chance that you will be bothered by their getting up or tossing and turning. This is due in part to the density of the mattress. Because you sink in your movement is basically absorbed by the mattress rather than being transferred as would happen with a regular mattress. This is good if you are a light sleeper and are easily awakened.

The disadvantage is that these beds tend to retain body heat. This means that during the warm months, the sleeper might become overheated and uncomfortable.

The solution

Gel memory foam, or gel-infused memory foam, is memory foam that has been pumped full of gel. Think of this like an ice pack you might keep in your freezer. What this stuff does is help regulate your temperature as you sleep by absorbing and releasing heat.
As a side fact, the gel microbeads used in gel-infused memory foam can actually serve to increase the density of your mattress. They can also, however, cause it to degrade faster if there aren’t enough pumped into it.
To really get the best sleeping experience, make sure you know what type of foam you’re getting!