Who we are

We are a mattress manufacturer located in Victoria.

We are constantly looking for the best materials found in Australia to make our premium quality mattresses.

We strictly avoid using imported materials.

Even though we sell mattresses, we are not just another seller in the state.   Firstly, we educate customers through our “Mattress Academy” by teaching about mattresses and their differences, and also the advantages and disadvantages of different materials.  Secondly, during a “factory tour” we show our customers that we are proud of every aspect of our business. They can see how our mattresses are made with quality materials.

We have exclusively introduced a “Mattress Lend” option to make sure customers won’t regret their purchase.

As a commitment to you and in line with our ethical business Practice: 

We provide you with exclusive and unique photos of your mattress on the production line to assure you, the valued customer, that you will receive what you have paid for.  

We do not have a 100-night comfort guarantee'. If we did, some customers would be sold mattresses used by others under that guarantee. We won't do that just for the sake of profits. Our customers deserve what they pay for and that's a 100% brand new mattress. 

Using a thin layer (5-15 mm) of expensive components such as gel or latex is a very common practice in the industry to cut costs and to give mattresses a fancy name.  By contrast, we strictly use 50 mm of these luxury materials produced by hand-picked Australian suppliers.